TruckVault Security Drawers (All-Weather) Toyota Tundra

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All-Weather secure truck vault for Toyota Tundra pickups. For additional options, such as cargo glide, lighting, weapons locks, carpet color, etc- please contact us at for a custom quote. 

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Regardless of your pick-up bed size and length we make a TruckVault product that will enhance both your security and organizational needs. We have designed numerous models both for covered and uncovered pick-ups that fit and conform to your bed dimensions and are available in both standard and magnum height versions. Carpeted units are designed for pick-ups with toppers and feature heavy duty locks, full length drawers and a divider package that helps you organize your stored items efficiently. A top load capacity of 1,000 lbs. will ensure you will arrive safely with your cargo. You want custom features? We have them. Order yours in a variety of beautiful hardwood finishes and then deck it out with in-drawer lighting, tie down rails and top it off with an electronic key fob locking system for a sleek look and you have the ultimate in secure in-vehicle storage that your work or hunting buddies will be sure to be envious of.


For the ultimate in our pick-up line you will want to check out our The Extreme Series All-Weather TruckVaults that are designed for pick-ups without toppers and feature tough heat applied spray on armor coating and bulb sealed/compression locked drawers to keep dust, grit and water out. Add tie down rails to this unit, which boasts a top load capacity of 2,000 lbs., and you truly have an in-vehicle secure storage system to be reckoned with.

No matter your secure storage need for your pick-up, TruckVault has an answer and our knowledgeable Territory Reps stand by at the ready to make sure you get the supplied solution from our product.