SVC V1 Bypass Rack 2010-14 Ford Raptor

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100% Bolt In With Optional Weld In Anchor Tube To The Frame

17+ Inches Of Rear Wheel Travel

Supports Up To 4.0" 5 Tube Bypass Shocks

1.75" .120 Support Tubes

CNC Laser Cut And Bent For Precise Fit

Lateral Cross Bracing For Extra Shock Load Reinforcement

Weld On Shock Doublers For Better Support.

Works with SVC ABS System And Many Other Frame Support Systems.

Larger Grade 8 Hardware For Stronger Attachment.

Axle Shock Mounting Tabs Included.

The system is designed to handle up to a 3.0", 3.5", 4.0". The Bypass Rack will fit Fox or King Bypass shock producing nearly 18" of wheel travel. Our system is designed from the ground up with strength in mind.  The forces applied by larger race shock are immense, and the structure holding those shocks needs to be up to the task.  To ensure the structure was sound and resistant to twist, we integrated a plate work base system that is designed to add greater strength than other system on the market. The Bypass Rack shock tower is the actual base structure with internal gusseting for additional support and strength.


By utilizing a plate shock mounting system, we have eliminated the possibility of support tubes cracking at base welds.  We also opted to control the lateral load of the shocks by adding an 1.75" .120 wall A Frame support structure that adds triangulation to counter act lateral loads wanting to bend and rip the mounts from the truck bed, plus a down support tube to prevent the shock mount from wanting to push towards the front of the truck on harsh compression.  What does all this mean?  Simple -- there isn't a better designed, looking or engineered bypass shock mounting system on the market.  


:The Bypass Rack V1 System allows you to run two vertical spare tires, a 5 Gallon gas can, Aluminum jack-mount and power-tank system.

::Additional Anchor tubes available if customer chooses to weld to the top of frame