Radflo Height Adjustable Coilovers GX470

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Coil-Over Shock Details

  • Body Threaded SSID alloy steel tube Rod
  • Mirror polished Nitro Steel® Rod Guide CNC machined bronze
  • Teflon® coating Seal Combination Quad-Ring® and lip seal
  • rebuildable Piston Radflo aluminum Freeflo™ racing piston Valving Self-adjusting
  • velocity-sensitive deflective disc
  • consumer or factory tunable Oil Radflo high-temp foam resistant suspension fluid Pressurization Nitrogen gas
  • 200 psi Bearings
  • Teflon® lined spherical steel Body Caps & Eyelets CNC machined 6061 or 7075 aluminum
  • black anodizing Springs Eibach® coil springs available separately
  • Coil-Over Hardware CNC machined aluminum with Nylatron® spring slider
  • Finish Mirror polished
  • clear cadmium plating
  • Service Consumer or factory serviceable
  • Sold in Pairs