OMF Rockstarz rim accessory Crawling dome

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Priced per set- each set covers one wheel. 

The OMF Rock Crawling Dome was designed to be a skid plate for your beadlocked wheel. Since it’s inception, it has gone from simply a functional part for Rock Crawlers, to a dress-up part for anyone with a set of beadlocks. These small little Domes are meant to be added to every other bolt of a beadlock to provide protection for the beadlock bolts and the beadlock ring. Some may even choose to mount the Domes on every bolt of their beadlock for a truly unique look. Installation is very simple, and these Domes will fit most other manufacturers aluminum beadlocks. One Rock Crawling Dome kit consist of 12 Domes, enough for every other bolt on a 24 bolt beadlock.