DENALI Complete CANsmart Controller, Auxiliary LED Lighting, Horn & Mounting Package For BMW R1200GS LC Adventure '14-'18

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Put control of your safety at your fingertips with the DENALI complete CANsmart controller, auxiliary LED lighting, horn and mounting package designed specifically for the BMW R1200GS LC Adventure. With one of the loudest motorcycle horns available, the brightest and feature rich LED lights in their class, a fully customizable integrated CANsmart controller that works with your motorcycle’s CANbus system and mounts designed specifically for your model, you will increase and easily fine tune your level of safety and visibility with your existing controls. Ride safer and longer with a CANsmart Controller, auxiliary LED lighting, horn and mounting package by DENALI.

With the DENALI CANsmart Controller kit plugged into the CANbus of your motorcycle, the DENALI 2.0 LED Light Pod sets in this package can be switched on and off as well as adjusted independently using your existing controls. With the pre-programmed setup, pressing the turn signal cancel button for three seconds turns one light set on or off while pulsing the same button three times controls power to the other set. High and low beam intensity settings are adjusted easily for each light pair using the multicontroller wheel and provide ten degree steps of brightness for each set allowing you to determine just how much you want to see or be seen. Attention getting features also include a two second passing strobe activated by pulsing the high beam switch three times fast as well as a strobe effect synchronized with the horn. 

DENALI SoundBomb Horn, DENALI Horn Mount, Light Mount Kit & Fender Light Mount Kit
The DENALI SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Horn included in this package provides 120 dB of text interrupting sound at the touch of your motorcycle's horn button. Also included are a DENALI Horn Mount Bracket and a DENALI Auxiliary Light Mount Kit that are simple to install and designed for your specific motorcycle model, while the DENALI DM & D2 Fender Mount Kit allows secure mounting and positioning of the second set of LEDs to any M5 or M6 bolt location.
DENALI SoundBomb
Compact Dual-Tone Horn

Electro-Pneumatic Horn
120 dB at 3ft output
20 amp draw
5.5in by 4.5in by 3.6in size
Black finish

DENALI Horn Mount Bracket Kit
Designed for BMW R1200GSA
Black powder coated finish
Includes all mounting hardware

DENALI Auxiliary Light Mount Kit
Designed for BMW R1200GSA
Black powder coated finish
Includes all mounting hardware

Fender Mount Kit
Set of 2
Black anodized finish
Mounts to any M5 or M6 perch

The features of the CANsmart Controller and its harness, coupled with your motorcycle’s existing controls mean that only the light pod portions of the DENALI D4 2.0 and DENALI DM 2.0 LED Lights included in this package are needed. This provides a significant cost savings that helps to make this package an intelligent choice when it comes to keeping your ride safe.