Decked 8' (Long bed) Bed Integration

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FORD F150 2004-2014 DF6 17.5”
FORD SUPER DUTY 2017-current DS4 18.5”
FORD SUPER DUTY 2009-2016 DS5 19.5”
CHEVY SILVERADO 2007-current DG5 17”
GMC SIERRA 2007-current DG5 17”
RAM 1500 2009- DR5 18.5”
RAM 2500 & 3500 2010- DR5 18.5”

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So, we finally answered demand for an 8' pickup truck bed integration! If you have spent time studying our new product, you see that we have not created an eight foot long system, but rather favored our standard bed system adapted for an eight footer. In doing this, we have created a space between your bed bulkhead and the DECKED system. If you want to install a DECKED system in your long bed truck, you’re looking for that special something - likely a crossover toolbox - to put in the remaining space between the system and the cab. This article should give you a good idea of what you need to consider and a few good places to start.

Truck beds vary in overall width from model to model and are frequently equipped with a variety of OEM or aftermarket bed rail covers, so another important dimension to consider is the distance between the outside of each bedrail. Crossover toolboxes are sometimes offered in one standard length, but often come in lengths usually somewhere between 69” and 72”. Some manufacturers specify which length is appropriate for which truck, and some do not. We think the best idea is to 1) defer to the manufacturer’s fitment recommendation when available and 2) measure the distance yourself and choose what you think is appropriate.

Crossover toolboxes aren’t the only option. Transfer tanks and external fuel tanks could also make a great addition to your bed, and can be vetted using the same dimensional guidelines provided in this article.