Cobra 38WXST handheld CB Radio - HH38WXST

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4 watts RF power, built in mic, charging jack, low battery indicator, high/low power control, instant channel 19 and SoundTracker system. A CB radio is a great way to stay in contact with your group on the way to the trail as well as getting valuable information on the trail. Ever been about in the middle of a trailride of 20 to 30 Jeeps and your wondering what’s happening at the front and now the Jeep behind you is lagging behind. Your CB can keep you in contact with the front of the group as well as knowing whether you need to go back to help your buddy that just got hung up on that last rock that you easily traversed. CB radios are required by many organized trailride groups, don’t be left out!

  • Up to 4 mile range
  • Receives transmission from all 10 NOAA weather channels
  • SoundTracker technology reduces static and noise
  • 4 watts of Output power
  • Recharging, speaker, & microphone jacks
  • Includes DC power cord