BlackVue Power Magic PRO Battery Discharge Prevention Module

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The BlackVue Power Magic Pro low-voltage protection module allows your BlackVue dash cam (as well as other makes and models of dashcams) to continue to operate while your vehicle is parked and the engine is off (this is known as Parking Mode). Get maximum protection for your valuable property with around-the-clock monitoring by BlackVue!

The Power Magic Pro uses a simple 3-wire harness to tie in to your vehicle's electrical system: constant power, switched power, and ground, and the Power Magic contains circuitry that will turn your dashcam off should your car's battery level drop below a certain (adjustable) threshold, thereby saving you from coming back to a vehicle with a dead battery! The Power Magic Pro can also be set to turn your dashcam off after a certain amount of time as well. Even with the timer function active, the battery level setting will still take priority in order to ensure that no matter what, your car will start later when you return. Pretty cool!

The Power Magic Pro includes convenient on/off switch that allows you to easily override the timer/voltage settings and power down the dashcam when you don't need to use Parking Mode (such as at home in your garage).