BlackVue DR650S-2CH 1080p Dual-Lens Cloud-Capable WiFi GPS Dashcam for Front and Rear

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*Power Magic Pro battery management module included**

The newly released (Summer/Fall 2016) BlackVue DR650S-2CH is BlackVue's best dual-lens dash cam yet! The DR650S-2CH (two channel - forward-facing and rear-facing) is the next evolution of the rock-solid DR650GW-2CH, with a few important upgrades. To learn more, please read on!

You may already be aware of this fact, but if you're not, we will state it again: BlackVue's DR650 series of dashcams is far superior to other options. We challenge you to identify a comparable dashcam that films beautiful wide-angle full-HD 1080p videos (with audio), has GPS speed and position logging built in, will accept up to a 128gb memory card, and can be accessed via local WiFi or remotely via the Cloud (from literally anywhere you have service for your smartphone), and also is discreet and beautifully designed and well-constructed.There's simply nothing else like the BlackVue DR650S dashcams available on the market today, period. While other brands try to play catch up, BlackVue continually raises the bar!

The primary improvements to the DR650S-2CH when compared to the original DR650GW-2CH are:

  • Increased video quality
  • Improved Cloud operations/performance
  • Improved voice announcements
  • Improved audio quality
  • Rear camera power on/off option
  • Rear camera LED light on/off option
  • Rear camera 180° rotation option
  • Reduced power consumption of rear camera