ARB Roller Floor with Slide RF945

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This Outback Solutions Drawer Roller Floor module measures 37.20"L x 19.88"W x 5.51"H.  The Roller Floor sits only 5.51” off the vehicles floor, enabling lower mounting and easier access to items such as fridges or tool boxes. The Roller maximizes storage space with an incorporated slide out tray. When not housing a fridge, the Roller Floor has a flat top that’s far more convenient to sit other items on than a traditional steel fridge slideOutback Solutions modules can be installed into any application providing sufficient space and anchorage is present. Unlike other roller drawer systems you are not limited to traditional roller drawer applications. Canopied / covered flat-beds, pickups, covered trailers, SUVs, vans, trucks, buses and sheds are just a few of the applications you might consider. Side floor kits are available for popular vehicles; however they are not mandatory fitment in any application.