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Black Powder Coating Standard. Contact us for shipping rates/quotes prior to order. 

We are very excited to be bringing back our 5th gen 4Runner rear bumper and have really stepped outside the box on this design for mounting options and utility. We learned quite a bit from Version 1.0 and have improved on or changed nearly every aspect.

For those that missed the unveiling at the Lonestar Toyota Jamboree, we’ve created a “TrailGator” system that has an external universal mounting pattern for your rotopax, jerry cans, fire extinguishers, shovels, medic packs, etc. This TrailGator can also be used as a bench seat, rear step to the roof, and a full camp table or serving/dining area. It features two 1,000lb locking latches on each side as well as the hinges at the bottom for 4 points of contact. The utility is nearly endless and also allows us to latch the optional swing away tire carrier directly to it for the ultimate in strength. It also has greaseable zirks on each of the 500lb hidden ball bearing hinges for easy maintenance.

The optional tire carrier assembly is all new in design and utilizes a single pass through bolt with greasable zirks, as well. This design triangulates the mounting locations and ties the tire carrier directly back into the TrailGator right at the tire to keep deflection to the absolute minimum over rough terrain. This design also allows for accessibility to the rear hatch by swinging out the tire carrier so you can roll the window down without having to unlatch the TrailGate.

With the TrailGator in the down position it measures out at only 12.5″ in depth for a good compromise of function without hindering your ability to reach into the rear hatch area.