2010-2017 4Runner Skid Plates Shrockworks

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Put some REAL under body protection on your 4runner. The factory 4Runner "skid plates" are better than nothing, but not much better. They are flimsy stamped sheet metal, and still leave a lot area uncovered.

The ShrockWorks 5th Gen 4Runner skid plates are made from CNC cut 3/16" steel plate with bends and side flanges in the right places to add even more strength.

These skid plates will protect the vulnerable low hanging expensive parts on your 4runner. This is a good investment in peace of mind offroad.

We recommend you order skid plates in bare steel and paint them yourself with Rustoleum rattle can "Hammer Tone" paint available at Lowes or Home Depot. It will save you a good bit of money, they are not visible, and they are going to get beat-up and scratched-up anyway.

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Front: This protects the Radiator, Oil Pan and Engine area. Includes a removable flush mount cover plate for oil filter access. 42lbs

Transmission: This skid protects the Transmission, the Transmission Pan and provides some protection for the Catalytic Converters. This skid includes the cross-member which is needed for both the trans and t-case skid. 28lbs

Transfer Case: This protects the Transfer Case and the vulnerable low hanging Exhaust Crossover Pipe. This skid requires the cross-member. If you havethe trans skid, or you are orderingit now, you will already have the cross member. If you want to run the t-case skid by itself w/o the trans skid, you will need to order the cross-member separately. 29lbs

Gas Tank: This protects the plastic gas tank. 56lbs