2017+ Ford Raptor Bed Brace/Stabilizer

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Prevent, cure bed spreading. This simple brace made out of aluminum and stainless steel keeps your bedside from spreading during off-road use and jumping. Over time, the bedsides can start to spread apart causing a larger gap at the top of the tailgate compared to the lower part of the tail gate eventually causing the tailgate latch to fail. This fully adjustable bracket can keep the bedsides where they are supposed to be. Adjust the tension so that the right amount of pressure is being pulled to keep the bedside tight but not too much pressure so that the tailgate does not open freely. Stainless Steel stabilizers are easily removable if you need full bed width for loading. The aluminum parts are powder coated in texture black and the rest is stainless steel. Made in USA

Please allow up to 2 weeks for production