SPOD Bantam Power System: 2018 Ford Raptor

SPOD Bantam Power System: 2018 Ford Raptor

SPOD Bantam Power System

Ford did customers a great service by adding factory-installed upfitter switches for aftermarket accessories. With the 2nd generation raptor, while we get 6 total switches in the cab, the amperage available for each circuit is severely limited; the highest being only 15A. When we set our to design the total electrical system on the new truck, the only solution was to add an SPOD control system. 

The Bantam system we chose features:

• High current capabilities (30 amps per circuit) with a maximum 100 amp capacity.

• Operates on 12VDC or 24VDC.

• Small footprint: 4.0”W x 4.0”L x 1.125”T (See side by side comparison to our Original 8-circuit system).

• Programmable functions for: Dimming, Strobe, Flash & Momentary.

• Switch linking (create a master switch to control other switches within the same panel).

• Flexibility to add multiple controller types such as: Touchscreen, HD smart controller, hard rocker switches and wirelessly using the Bantam™ app on a smart phone, tablet or any Bluetooth LE enabled device.

• Expandable up to 32 circuits that can be controlled with single touchscreen, or infinite number of circuits with use of additional controllers, limited only by the supplied power source.

• Ethernet cable interconnect with a 25’ foot distance limitation.

• Fully programmable via free Bantam™ app.

• Current monitoring (via touchscreen and app).

• Protection against: Over current, over heat, short, reverse polarity protection, and field collapse.

• Low voltage detection circuit that will monitor battery voltage and shut system, and all accessories attached to it, off when battery voltage drops below 11.2VDC.

• Ignition control for two circuits (switches 1 and 2).

• Safety lock-out for two circuits (switches 1 and 2).

• 16-position terminal block for end user connections (both ground and power).

• Removable dust cover with spots for legends and port identifications.

• Universal mount.

• 8-position input terminal block for controlling outputs (3.3VDC – 24VDC inputs).

Since the Bantam can be controlled via the included HD switch panel, and be triggered by external inputs (either power or ground), we chose to mount the switch panel in the bed area, and connect the upfitter switches to the source unit under the hood. The result was a very clean, factory-look. To connect the upfitter leads under the hood, we used a deutsch connector for easy servicing, but the leads can be attached to the source unit directly. 

We then mounted the compact source unit to the top of the fuse box cover under the hood, connected the source to the battery via (+) and (-), connected the leads to all the lights (no need to run additional fuses and relays here), and the system worked flawlessly. 

The HD switch panel is mounted on one of our builtright panels, but can be mounted anywhere- bed, cab, etc. 

We now have total control of the electrical system, and can even add another switch panel in the cab to take advantage of the extra features of the SPOD, and will likely do so in the future. When using the switch panel, we also have control of all the circuits with the truck off- and if the battery drops below our pre-set level, the protection kicks in and shuts down the system to ensure the truck will always start. 

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