3G & 4G LTE Integrated Cell Booster

3G & 4G LTE Integrated Cell Booster

Staying connected while remote is a necessity for us, both from a safety and customer interface perspective. With as much time as I spend traveling and exploring, the low service areas I frequent were becoming a nuisance. To solve the problem, I sourced a combination of the best parts in the industry for a clean, OEM-looking solution to regain some signal. 

The result is an all-in-one kit that integrates a top-of-the line booster with a clean antenna mount. THE EXCLUSIVE KIT turned out to be the perfect fit. 

The antenna mount fits between the cab and the OEM third brake light. 

The NMO mount fits the booster antenna in an optimal place, without being obtrusive or using a hole saw like many kits. Install was seamless. 

The coax cable runs through the same access hole as the brake light wire, and down the C-Pillar to my chosen mounting location for the booster. It comes with a versatile mount, and could be placed just about anywhere. 

Running the interior antenna is as simple as pulling the door trim; this was done at the same time as the power cable. Mounting location of the interior antenna is also installer's choice. I chose the A-Pillar, and may play around with different locations, since the kit has ample length in the cable. 

Of course since I had an open spot, I used the SPOD BANTAM for power, but the unit can easily be installed with add-a-fuse taps or similar solutions. With the Bantam, I can turn the booster on and off as needed, and run it with the vehicle off while parked. 

With the system up and running, field tests have been excellent- areas with notoriously poor service are now connected. The BOOSTER KIT was well worth the minimal install time and investment.